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Browser support

Berta supports all modern
browsers. If you use IE,
public side of Berta websites
supports IE9 and up, admin
panel supports IE10 and up.

Support platform

Browse our Knowledge base and Discussions for tips and tutorials. If you get lost, email us at

Try it out now for 14 days. No strings attached! 

Video tutorials

Check out our YouTube and Vimeo channels and learn how to build your own website or enable special features.

Open source

Download Berta files via Github, if you want to host and maintain your website on your own server. 

Secure hosting

All websites are hosted in a secure cloud with backups.
Safe and sound!

Your own domain name

Make your website personal - connect your own domain name right away, even on  trial.
Learn how


Track your visitors and learn about them by adding Google Analytics to your website. 
Learn how

See what you edit

Public side of your website looks just the same as the admin side. Drag and drop objects around the canvas to make layout of any kind.

Google web fonts

Fonts matter. Choose from more than 500 Google Web Fonts or use our system fonts.

berta – a simple
website creation tool

Extreme flexibility

Templates in berta define basic layout. Especially flexible is Messy template.

Mobile ready

Create website that fits on every mobile device and works as smooth as on desktop.
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Grid and guidelines

Use grid to move objects
and other guidelines for editing
layout of your website.