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Before installing make sure your server has Apache, PHP5 with GD and multi-byte support.

IMPORTANT! If you have any previous version of berta we highly recommend to update to version 0.8.5 otherwise you might experience some issues editing your website on the latest Firefox browsers. All websites hosted on our servers are updated automatically.

Download the latest version (28 Nov 2014)


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GithHub repository:


If you're using free version of berta please consider a donation (5, 10, 25 eur).



Not sure if you should upgrade? We recommend it. Check out what's new.

You are welcome to use and modify Berta as much as you like, just keep the original footer Built with Berta at the bottom of your site! Berta is free, but please don't distribute modified versions and don't sell them. If you want to share your modifications or templates submit them to GitHub where it is available to everybody.


Are you upgrading from a previous version?


If you use our hosting, then updates will happen automatically. If you have installed it on your server, then we recommend upgrading to our latest version – we are updating berta to keep up with new browsers and adding new features you might find useful!

Learn more about updating >

Berta 0.8.x upgrades from 0.5.5 and above without any problems. If you are upgrading from version 0.5.0, then some of your settings might get lost. We have dropped upgrading support for versions below 0.5.0.




Downloadable Berta will run on any webserver with common settings (Apache, PHP5 with GD and multi-byte support).
Note: Berta does NOT require a database. All content is stored in files.

To edit your web page, you'll need Firefox 3+, Chrome or Safari 3+, preferably with the Adobe Flash plugin installed (Flash is used for file upload only).


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